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The omission of 25th Dynasty from the walls of Egypt’s museum and claims of not knowing who they were is clear indication of the systematic whitewash been undertaken to eradicate Nubian from history, even with overwhelming amount of evidence left by our ancestors in the form of megalithic structures (pyramids, temples, statures of then self) and the enormous libraries of written works and knowledge, European still claims that they are the ancient Kemethians.

This is how European react when face with facts about their lying stories, they call history.

Angry European claiming to be a Kemetian 

My people be aware of the crafty counsle being taken against you by the rest of the world ,they all known who and what.

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We are the survivors of the 25th Dynastic period in Hikuptah(Egypt) and we are still here, Falsely
referred to as niger, negros, blacks, West Indians and host of other labels, which serve only to
identify us as Cristian property belonging to the Constantinoplian creed setup in 325ad at the nicean
council, out of which came the Roman Catholic church.

Black History Talks: Robin Walker presents.
'The rise and fall of Black Wall $treet
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